1. Headmess
    Marz Cooper

  2. Well, She Said
    Neil Quinlan

  3. Beyond the Veil
    Cath Connelly

  4. Journey
    Cath Connelly

  5. Angels We Have Heard

  6. Invocation
    Cath Connelly

  7. Songline - Thin Place
    Cath Connelly

  8. The Road You Take
    Paul Carroll

  9. Be a Lazy Dog
    Johnny Adams

  10. Life's a Journey
    Kieran O'Connell

  11. Heart and Soul
    Louey Hesterman

  12. She Moved Through the Fair
    Ger Mythen

  13. Windfarms Of Your Mind
    Ben Rogers

  14. St Patrick's Day Favourites 2017

  15. Live at the Louisiana Hayride

  16. Rolling Home

  17. When They Sang Scotland the Brave

  18. Listen to the Band

  19. Portraits of Australian Women

  20. Best of 2016
    Various Artists

  21. Australian Legends

  22. Cobbers

  23. The Little Things
    Simon McCullough

  24. Line By Line
    Dylan Walker

  25. Bushland Dreaming

  26. All For Me Grog

  27. Judas Kisses
    Steve Boyd and The Preachers

  28. Having the Craic
    The Gunda Guys

  29. Book Another Band
    Steve Boyd and The Preachers

  30. Buzz in the Room
    Pete Fidler

  31. Ribcage Xylophone
    Steve Boyd and The Preachers

  32. Sing a Song for Ireland
    Maria Forde

  33. Paying for the Crowns
    Peter O'Shea

  34. Summertime on the Peninsula
    Dave Walker

  35. Fake Hotel
    Dave Walker

  36. Stones
    Kieran O'Connell and Shanakee

  37. Weeds and Wildflowers
    Kieran O'Connell and Shanakee

  38. Tracks 40 - 52 of the 52 songs project
    Dave Walker

  39. Tracks 27-39 of the 52 songs project
    Dave Walker

  40. Tracks 14-26 of the 52 Songs project
    Dave Walker

  41. Tracks 1-13 from the 52 songs project
    Dave Walker

  42. Lime Green Love Machine
    The Brunswick Music Group

  43. Diamonds on the Road
    Dave Walker & The Blue Moon Lodge

  44. Dave Walker
    Dave Walker

  45. Eyes Over the Scroll
    Peter O'Shea

  46. Other People's Music EP
    The Cowtippers

  47. Lo-fi in the Lounge
    The Brunswick Music Group

  48. A Shroud of Treason
    Steve Boyd and The Preachers

  49. Folly and Moonshine
    Steve Boyd and The Preachers

  50. Christy Cooney's Brew
    Christy Cooney


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Green South Records is your home for Celtic and Folk music in Australia. We are a collective of artists who have come together to support, promote and grow our music. Along with new releases, we are committed to reissuing previously undigitised Folk and Celtic records as part of our commitment to preserving the rich history of these songs. ... more

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